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Transport Wagons provide the means for mechanized movements of workloads in a plating system. The transport wagon runs on guided tracks, enabling vertical as, well, as horizontal movement.

The following configurations are available based on layout / space availability :
1. Straight line - with load / unload on opposite sides
2. Straight line - with load / unload on same side
3. Parallel lines - with tank traverse cross transport wagon
4. Parallel lines - with over head traverse cross transport wagon
5. Parrallel lines - with random movement of transport wagon

Transport Wagons
1. Operation: Manual / Semi-automatic / Fully-automatic / Programmable through P.L.C.
2. Robust design.
3. Frame – M.S., epoxy or powder-coated, alternatively SS 304 construction.
4. High efficiency geared motor with brake, provided with thermistor suitable for continuous duty cycle with higher safety factor as per international standards. Speed – Hoisting – up to 22 metere per minute. Traverse – up to 45 meters per minute.
5. Step-less speed regulation through Frequency Inverter.
6. Lifting / Lowering by means of chains / Polypropylene belt.
7. Vulcolan wheel: Suitable for corrosive atmosphere and anti-skidding function for traverse movement. 8. Horizontal and vertical movement transmissions by means of direct gears.
8. Combination of proximity and limit switches for enhanced level of safety and reliability.
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