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In general, cathode electro deposition of paint for automobile and others require oxygen gas evolution at anodes with high efficiency of by utilizing without any sub-reactions such as oxidation and pollution in paint solution.

Kamal Envirotech, which is one of the leading designers, manufacturers and constructor of facilities for cathode electro deposition of paint, have achieved new advanced technology of anodes (Bare TiO2 type) to suit this application.

Chemical Properties

The base structure of this type of anode is Titanium, and its surface is covered with various kinds of platinum group precious metal oxides. This precious metal oxide layer work as catalyst for oxygen evolution, and it has good characteristics, such as insolubility and dimensional stability.

Merits of TiO2 electrode over Stainless or Ferrite Anode

• Stainless anode dissolves itself during oxygen evolution.
• The single potential of ferrite anode is higher than that of TiO2, and it requires surplus electric power compared to TiO2 type bare electrode.
• TiO2 electrode has a quick response at the beginning of the operation.
• The peak current of TiO2 electrode is twice that of conventional membrane electrodes. These characteristics allow minimizing the total anode area.
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